I want to set up Caller ID for TaxiCaller, how do I go about that?

In order to utilize our Caller ID feature, you need to have signed up for a VoIP-service that supports the SIP standard or have a local IP PBX that supports the SIP standard.

We have a stand-alone softphone client that technically should be compatible with any VoIP provider that supports the SIP standard, so if you have a VoIP provider in mind but aren’t sure whether they’d be compatible with our softphone or not, you should ask them the following: “Does your VoIP service support connecting to a third party softphone using the SIP standard”? If the answer to that question is yes there shouldn’t be any problem.

If you don’t have any VoIP providers in mind you can find some recommendations from TaxiCaller clients below:

VoIPStudio - US, UK (primarily) but they have virtual numbers in 50 different countries http://voipstudio.com/en/ For more information about how to integrate VoIP please visit the following section: https://www.taxicaller.com/en/help/edit/KV1uIBudEUpTtmO7

Comcast business - US http://www.ringcentral.com/

2talk - New Zealand https://www.2talk.co.nz/signup.html

Cellip - Sweden https://www.cellip.com/

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