I need to know who has logged in to my user, I was logged out automatically and it wasn't me who caused it.

Unfortunately, we do not store that information for each dispatch session, so we cannot provide this. If you fear that your login credentials may be compromised, I would suggest you begin with changing the password.

Approved IP addresses: In the user section of the admin panel, you can specify which external IP addresses (not to be confused with local IP addresses) are allowed to login to the user profile. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the User section of the admin panel
  2. Select the dispatch user you want to limit to one or multiple IP addresses.
  3. Go to https://cmyip.com/ and copy the IP address that shows up on that website.
  4. Paste this address in the Approved IP addresses section of the user profile. NOTE! Keep in mind that this means you will have to be on the local network that you are currently on, if you want to log in to this user. Example: If you limited a user to the external IP address in your office, you will not be able to log in from home.
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