Can I dispatch from my phone?

We have the TaxiCaller In-App dispatch which is a feature of the Driver App that allows drivers who have dispatching roles create and assign jobs while on the go. This is especially helpful to be able to send dispatch jobs to your fleet even when you are out of the office. This gives you basic dispatching access for creating a job by entering pick-up and drop-off addresses, date and time of pick-up and passenger information. You can also view jobs that are unassigned or assigned and active and allows you to assign or cancel a job if need be. To access, please press the dispatch tab in the Driver App.

Please make sure that the driver has the dispatcher role enabled on their profile here:

It is important to note that this only gives you basic on-the-go dispatching. For full access to dispatching features, we highly suggest that you access it on a computer using the Chrome browser.

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