What do the colors and borders in the dispatch console mean?

1. The color codes used for the vehicles on the map are:

green = the vehicle is available
blue = the vehicle is on its way to pick up a customer
orange = the vehicle is at the pick up address waiting for the passenger
red = the vehicle is occupied
yellow = the vehicle is away, not accepting new jobs

2. The colors in the “unassigned,” “assigned” and “active” tabs in the dispatch console represent the following:

Background colors:

yellow background = a job that is in the auto-assign window.
light blue background = a future job (it has not yet reached the auto-assign time for the job).
green background = an active job, i.e currently started by driver.
dark gray = job is being blocked by higher priority job.

Colored borders:

red border = the system will not auto dispatch the job.
blue border = the job is currently being broadcast to multiple drivers.
black border = the vehicle assigned to the job is unreachable.

3. Zone queues:

green = the vehicle is available and is waiting in the zone queue
red = the vehicle is not waiting in the zone queue (occupied, on its way to a job, waiting for a passenger at the pick-up address or away)
pink = the vehicle is in the Clearing (CLR) state.

4. The color codes for the load list at the bottom of the window are:

green = low load, the vehicle has few jobs assigned for the next 60 minutes
yellow = high load, means that the vehicle is occupied more than 50% of the next 60 minutes
red = it looks as the vehicle will be late for one or several jobs assigned to it but the ID numbers to the left have the same color codes as the vehicles on the map.

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