How do I setup and use the reception booking? Does it cost extra?

There is no additional cost for using our Reception booking feature.

This tool can be very useful for companies who have one person who books all the taxi rides for the company’s employees. This feature can also be used by, for example, hotels and restaurants to easily book a taxi from your company for their guests. To use reception booking, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a company account for your customer - Please see how to add customer accounts in our user manual:
  2. Link an email address. To do this: A. Enter the receptionist’s email address in the “Invite” field under “Linked users” and press "Send" B. Have the receptionist check their email account for a “TaxiCaller account invitation from Example company 123” from [email protected] C. Click on the link provided in the email D. Create account - Fill in the fields to create an account with TaxiCaller (they need to enter the same email address their invitation was emailed to) and press "Continue" E. Press “Submit” - the code is prefilled for you F. Success! - you will see “User linked” - click “ok”
  3. Sign in to Reception A. Go to - B. Click on “Sign in” and choose "Reception" C. Sign in with the receptionist’s email and password that was created in the prior step - press "Continue" D. Success! - The receptionist is now able to make bookings on the account you linked them to.

To see more about how to link users, please see our user manual:

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