Why doesn't our company profile show up in the passenger app when we try to make direct bookings within our service area?

There are a multiple factors that can cause this:

  1. Online bookings is disabled: Make sure that you have online bookings enabled by going to: settings-> dispatch -> general. Under Online booking there’s a check-box that says Bookable Online.

  2. Verification needed: You also need to make sure we have have verified you to take direct bookings. (license approval at [email protected]). If we haven’t verified you, your company profile will show “Pending verification”.

  3. No recent vehicles online: Make sure that you have logged in with a vehicle in the past 72 hours.

  4. Refreshing your company profile: If all of the options above seems to be correct, please go to https://admin.taxicaller.net/admin/index.php and click on “Edit” for your company profile, then press the Submit button.

Note: It’s also possible that the area of service of your company is too big. Please try reducing it in the same section.

If the problem persist, please contact us through chat or at [email protected] so that we can correct the issue.

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