How does the billing work, is it based on the number of vehicles entered in the system or the number that log on in a given month?

Billing works on a vehicle activations per calendar month basis. A vehicle is considered activated when it’s been logged into and selected by a driver in the driver app. Activating a vehicle will also give it a green check mark in the list vehicles in the admin panel, and deducts funds from your account balance.

Calendar month basis: Whether you activate a vehicle on the 5th of a month or on the 25th of a month, it’ll be available only until the last of that month. When a new month starts, your vehicle activations will be reset and any funds left on your account balance will be transferred to the next month.

Prorated price: If you reach a new all time high number of vehicle activations in the middle of a month, this vehicle activation and any new all time high number of vehicle activations come at a prorated price equal to the time left on the month.

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