Configure the appearance of the Dispatch console.

For the Dispatch version you can choose version 1 and 2. Version 2 is the current one, and the only one that will receive any updates, so it is recommended that you keep Version 2 in this field.

  • Dispatch shows: Determines how far ahead the dispatch will show future jobs. You can see these jobs in the Unassigned/Assigned/Active list.
  • Dispatch alerts: The dispatcher will be alerted by certain events that may require action or investigation.
  • Dispatch sound: Enable sound notifications on the dispatch console. You can further configure which sounds to activate in the Dispatch console Preferences.
  • Color code jobs: Will display jobs in different colors depending on state.
  • Auto decimal price input: Will add a decimal point before the last 2 digits entered.
  • Show counters: Enables or disables various daily counters in the dispatch console.
  • Check duplicate jobs: This feature filters through jobs based on passenger name, phone number and job pick up location and gives the dispatcher a warning before creating a potential duplicate job within a certain amount of time.
  • Vehicle symbol: Can display the vehicles either as vehicle icons or dots.
  • Number of new job tabs: Usually when creating a new job in Dispach, you can see 2 more “New Job” tabs at the bottom. Here, you can set the number of tabs from 1 to 5.
  • Show company in job cards: Lists company profile name under the information of the jobs that appear in the list “Unassigned/Assigned/Active” in the Dispatch console.
  • Vehicle display name: Can display the vehicle names either as their id or their call-sign. Please see the Vehicle section for more details about this.
  • Vehicle list columns: Determines which information will show in the vehicle list.