With automatic accounting for drivers, you can assign a balance or allowance to each driver and make a charge for each job that is dispatched to them. This feature allows you to set your fare charge rate for each driver and track driver transactions to make driver payments simple and easy.

Enable the feature

  • Click on the green + sign to add a charge. You can add different charges corresponding to each job stage. The 5 different job stages available are: Accept, Start, Reject, Cancel and Deliver.
  • Set either a Fixed fare that will apply to all drivers, or a Dynamic fare that can be different for each driver.
  • Click on the Save button.

Set the fare charge rate for each driver.

If you have chosen a Dynamic fare to charge on Deliver, you will need to configure the fare change rate for each driver. To do this:

  • Go to the Users section in the Admin Panel
  • Select a driver and scroll down to the bottom of their profile until you find the Driver Options.
  • In here you will be able to enter a Fare charge rate in percentage form.