You can do this with both the default and the detailed payment flow (adjusted from Settings > Dispatch > 1. General > Payment Options).

Method 1 – Just adding a higher paid value will register the extra amount paid as a tip.

Once you have a price from either the in-app taximeter or just a quoted price (if you don’t use the in-app taximeter) you confirm or edit this cost and move forward.

You select the payment method (which will also be the payment method you tip in)

When you specify how much cash you want to pay, going above the amount due automatically turns this into an “extra payment” which is interpreted as a “tip”

In the example below you can see that the “Total” amount is USD 8, but the amount paid in cash is 10, making it an extra payment of USD 2.00 (as you can see at the bottom as well “extra amount paid 2.00”)

In the fare receipt (found in the job editor) it looks like this, where you can see the “total tip” amount included.

Method 2 – Tips configured as an “extra” cost

The other way to do tips is by adding “Extras” in the form of percentage. The most common ones to add would be 5%, 10%, 15% (this you have to do manually of course)

You can add extras in the Tariffs section of the Admin Panel