This feature can be used along reception desk booking. This can be useful for companies who have one person who books all the taxi rides for the company’s employees. This feature can also be used by, for example, hotels and restaurants to easily book a taxi for their guests.

How to link a user:

  • In the Admin Panel > Customers > accounts, find the business account that you wish to link users to.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see the Linked users subsection.

  • Under Invite Passenger, write down the email for the passengers that you wish to link.


  • The reception role allows the invited user to log in into the reception tool.
  • The admin role is to allow the invited user to be able to link users themselves. A user with the Reception role only is unable to link users.

What happens after inviting a user:

By doing this, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address. If the holder of the email address already has a passenger account at TaxiCaller, they just have to log on to TaxiCaller as a passenger or alternatively to the reception tool and will be able to start making reservations through the account.

If the holder of the email address doesn’t have a passenger account yet, they just need to create a passenger account with that address.