The taximeter tariffs consists of two parts, one for the tariffs when the trip starts “Taximeter” and one part Waiting Rate handling the tariffs if the passenger doesn’t show up in time at the pick up address.

We will start with the settings for the trip:

  1. Start by pressing one of the “create” buttons below “Taximeter”. One set of parameters can be configured for each schedule.
  2. In the popup window that appears you can set the “start price” in the currency you have configured for your company. Some taxi companies have a start price that includes a certain distance of the trip. If that is the case you enter the distance in the input field after “for first” (the unit is either yards or meters). In this example no start price is included, so “0” is set in the “for first” field.

Setting up the Taximeter
  1. Now the distance rate can be added. In this example the rate is USD 2.5 per 1000 m (1 km). This means that the taximeter will add USD 2.5 for each kilometer of the ride.
  2. You can add a time rate. In this example the taximeter will increase USD 1 for every minute of the ride.
  3. The traffic rate is added to the taximeter whenever the taxi is standing still, e.g. when waiting for a traffic light to switch to green. If you do not wish to use a traffic rate, this value can be set to 0.
  1. The minimum price ensures that no job will have a lower price than this value, even if it’s a short ride.
  1. Finally, press the “OK” button and then enter the parameters for the other schedules you might have and remember to press the “Save” button at the top of the screen.