The tariff rules is a tool that allows you to specify which tariff category should be used at what point. You can have the system automatically select a tariff category based on several factors such as booking source, vehicle type, or number of passengers, among others. This can be useful if you, for example, would like to have different prices when booking from the passenger app or from the dispatch console.

  1. Start by clicking on the button “Tariff rules”.
    Tariff Rules
  1. If for example you would like to have one tariff for a ride booked from the passenger app (mobile) and a different one for a ride booked from the dispatch console (manual), you can configure it as follows:

Tariff Rules Applied to Mobile and Manual bookings
  1. Select only the fields that will directly affect the rule. Leave the others blank.
  1. The tariffs that you are able to choose for the last column are the ones that you have already created in the 3. Tariffs section.