Custom Reports

If you need to generate reports with information that is not easily displayed in the Standard Reports, you can use Custom ones. We have 5 built-in types, namely for Account jobs, Driver jobs, Finished jobs, Multi company and Zone-report. They generate dynamically which means that you don’t have to press a button to generate them.


But the most useful part of the custom reports is the Editor. In here you will be able to select exactly which fields you would like to show in your reports.

  • Give your report type a title and a name. You can also configure some formatting options that can be found at the top of the Reports screen.

The report columns

Each column that will appear in the editor will be represented by one of these small panels. To create one just click on the green + sign and then enter the information.

Row content

To enter the row content you will use variables (placeholders) that will retrieve the information about your jobs from the database. These variables are represented by Keys which you can see on the right side of the screen.