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Vehicle Types

Settings » Vehicles » Vehicle Types

It is possible to define new types of vehicles depending on your business needs. With this feature you will only need to type the vehicle type that you need and save it. It automatically will appear for selection on the list of vehicles of the previous section. …

Vehicle Tags

Settings » Vehicles » Vehicle Tags

Vehicle tags is a feature that will let you add more information on the services that you provide to fully customize a job. The system will allow you to add up to 25 tags. To create them or edit them, click on the Add button and then click on Save when you’re…

Vehicle Permits

Settings » Vehicles » Vehicle Permits

Manage permits for your vehicles With Permits, you can personalize which permits and licenses should be required for vehicles depending on your local regulations. This works in the same way as the user permits. Access this by going to Dispatch > Settings > Vehicles >…

Vehicle Archive

Settings » Vehicles » Vehicle Archive

In the Vehicle tab you can Archive a vehicle when you’re not using it. You can see a list of these archived vehicles in the last tab Archive. Archived vehicles will not be billed and furthermore you will not be able to use them. To bring a vehicle back…

Vehicle Classes

Settings » Vehicles » Vehicle Classes

Vehicle classes are to differentiate the different vehicle catagories that customers can select when booking, depending on the size, feature, model e.g, Luxury model; Large etc.The system will recognize your vehicle classes and automatically assign it to your…

Vehicle Booking Options

Settings » Vehicles » Vehicle Booking Options

Booking options are to define what vehicle Classes appear and can be booked by passengers in the Passenger apps Add booking options, this creates a new Booking option for the Vehicle class you’ve created. In the new Booking option you’re able to define the…

6. The vehicle list

Dispatch » Main » 6. The vehicle list

At the bottom of the page you will see all active vehicles along with its status, driver and current job. At the bottom right you will see three tabs, namely Vehicle List, Future Jobs and Late job List each with a different view and additional information. If…

Approve a driver permit

Dispatch » Permits in Dispatch » Approve a driver permit

Click on the hamburger button at the top of the dispatch screen and choose Permits. If a driver has submitted a new permit to be approved, it will appear under the tab Pending Permits. You will be able to save the permit by clicking on the file name – if…


Settings » Vehicles

Create and Modify your Vehicles Vehicle Types Vehicle Tags Vehicle Permits Vehicle Archive

Create and Modify your Vehicles

Settings » Vehicles » Create and Modify your Vehicles

Navigate to the Vehicle section of the Admin Panel, to create and manage your vehicles. In this view, you will see a vehicle list. You can use the search bar at the top to easily filter through a large number of vehicles. You can configure the basic options directly…

Modifying an existing job

Dispatch » Main » Modifying an existing job

Select a job from the right side of the screen, be it an unassigned, assigned or active job that you want to modify. When you click on this job, the details for it will show on the left side of the screen. Press on the Edit button Modify the job as…

7. The zone queues

Dispatch » Main » 7. The zone queues

At the bottom right side you will see the position of the vehicles in their respective zone queues. Click on a vehicle’s number in order to get additional information about it. *The vehicle closest to the left in the top row of each zone will be considered…

Advanced Zone Queues

Settings » General » Assignment Settings » Advanced Zone Queues

Advanced Zone Queues will let you set the rules of job assignments of the Assignment Zones that you can configure in the Zones Section of the Admin Panel. Always respect zone queue: When this is active, if two vehicles are closer than 2 km from each other, the…

Billing Overview

Account » Billing » Billing Overview

In the billing section you will be able to add funds, activate vehicles and see your rates and other information. *If you have just created your account, you might see a message Billing not enabled. If so, please contact us so we can enable billing for you with the…

Advanced Auto Dispatch

Settings » General » Assignment Settings » Advanced Auto Dispatch

Advanced Auto Dispatch will let you set the rules of how the Dispatch Console will send the jobs to the drivers and how the jobs will show in the Driver App. Require vehicles to accept an assigned job: You can give the drivers an option to accept/decline jobs in…

Use the Reception Tool

Booking apps » Reception Tool » Use the Reception Tool

Book favorite locations If the client already has favorite locations set up from their passenger app account, they will already show up in the address fields as options. If they have not set up favorite locations, they will go to the Account tab to do this. …


Dispatch » Main

After slecting the dispatch console you will be taken to the main view where you will see the following screen: 1. Pick up and drop off 2. Entering job details 3. The map 4. Unassigned, assigned and active jobs 5. The menu bar 6. The vehicle list 7. The…

Permits in Dispatch

Dispatch » Permits in Dispatch

Approve a driver permit Driver and vehicle Suspensions Alarms and Alerts

Advanced Dispatch Console Options

Settings » General » General Settings » Advanced Dispatch Console Options

Configure alerts and appearance options for the dispatch console Dispatch Console Dispatch shows jobs for This setting determines how far back in time the dispatch console will show job history. Alert dispatcher about special events that require attention This…


Dispatch » Suspensions

Suspensions tab is to view which driver is suspended. The suspended tab shows the date the suspension started and when it ends, it also details the reason, driver and vehicle.

Assignment Settings

Settings » General » Assignment Settings

These settings control the way jobs will be assigned from the Dispatch Console to the drivers, and how the jobs will show in the Driver App. Auto Dispatch Enable or disable automatic assigning and dispatching of jobs. If Auto Dispatch is disabled, you will have to…

General Settings

Settings » General » General Settings

*Once you are done with configuring this page, don’t forget to click on Save to preserve the changes you have made! The General Settings control the overall behavior of the components of the TaxiCaller Admin System. Company ID The Company ID is the unique…


History » Reports

In this section of the admin panel, History > Reports, you can generate various types of reports on the usage of the system. These reports generate information from previous jobs. Here’s how to check on jobs for a Customer account. 1. Press the drop down…

Other Advanced Options

Settings » General » General Settings » Other Advanced Options

Permissions Determine basic permissions for drivers and dispatchers. For more advanced permissions settings, please check the Permissions Section. Permissions for Dispatchers: Allow direct assignment: In the Dispatch Console, allow that a dispatcher can…

Adding a new job

Dispatch » Main » Adding a new job

1. Enter the Location and Time Enter the pick up address in the “pick-up” field and the destination address in the “Drop-off” field. You can also drag the pick up and drop off flags into the map at the center of the screen. If the…

Customer Notifications

Settings » Notifications » Customer Notifications

You can find this feature by going to Settings>Notifications>Customer in the Admin Panel. Send emails and SMS to your passengers You can send automatic emails and SMS to your passengers at several different stages of a ride. For example at the moment when a…

4. Unassigned, assigned and active jobs

Dispatch » Main » 4. Unassigned, assigned and active jobs

On the right-hand section you will see the jobs which have been entered to the system. By clicking on the tabs “Unassigned”, “Assigned” or “Active” you will see information about these jobs. *The blue color means this job has…


History » Replay

Replay traces the routes for all your vehicles in areas. See where all or just one of your vehicles have been at any time. To access this go to History > Replay in the admin panel. You can watch the following video to see it in action: How to use: Search by…


Settings » General » Companies

In this section, you will be able to configure the profile of your company. And if you would like to have a multi-company profile follow to Create New Companies Section to know more about how to create new company. If you have a multi-company profile you will need…

Other Advanced Features

Settings » General » Assignment Settings » Other Advanced Features

Driver Information In this section, you will be able to manage all the features on how would you like to show the job information to the driver. SMS notify a driver set to away when the job is offered to them: If enabled, it will allow you to notify the driver…

Zones / Assignment Zones

Settings » Zones / Assignment Zones

!Note that these Zones are different from the Tariff Zones. Assignment Zones: Defined areas to assign jobs to the drivers depending on their position. Tariff Zones: Defined areas that you will set to determine the price you will charge for providing a job in that…

Online Booking Settings

Booking apps » Online Booking » Online Booking Settings

In the online bookings section you can configure everything you need to make sure your passengers can book rides from different sources, like the passenger app or the web form that you can add to your own website. *The first thing you need is to verify your license…

The Dashboard

The Dashboard

The Dispatch is the first screen you will see after creating an account. To start setting it up you can change to Admin Panel where you can select your preferences. To do this select the button on top “Admin”. This panel will show you an overview of…

Tariff Rules, Groups and Extras

Settings » Tariffs » Setting Tariffs » Tariff Rules, Groups and Extras

Tariff Rules Tariff rules are the criteria the system uses to compute how much a customer must be charged for a specific job. The system will automatically select the tariff based on several factors such as the booking source, vehicle type, number of passengers and…