Booking a ride

Once you log in you will be automatically in the “Make a booking” view, where the green indicator should show your current position. If you wish to book from a different position, press and hold to move the map or write an address at the top.

  • Select PICK ME UP HERE

From this screen you are able to add a destination, change the time the booking should take place, select the number of vehicles needed and the passengers that will be on the ride, among other options. If you press on “Select Company” you will be able to see a list of the taxi companies that currently have available vehicles in your area.

You can add extra information if you wish for the driver to know something that cannot be entered in the other fields. For example “I am carrying heavy luggage”.

  • Select CONTINUE to book your ride.

You should see a pop up that reads “Booking successful!”. In the following screen you are able to see the status of your booked ride along with a map where you will be able to follow the vehicle.

Hailing a ride

You can also get a ride by directly clicking on the vehicles that you see in the map. Once you have selected a vehicle, the icon for it will appear on the bottom left of the screen. If you wish to deselect the vehicle, simply click on this icon and then on Deselect.

Select PICK ME UP HERE and if the information in the next screen is correct, press on CONFIRM.

Wait for the system to send the request to the driver. Once the driver accepts, you’ll ride will be booked and you will see a pop up that reads “Booking Successful!”

Tracking and canceling a ride

Once you have booked or hailed a ride, the system will show you the status right under the map.

Assigned: The vehicle has been assigned to a driver.
Call out: The driver has accepted and is on the way to pick you up.
Waiting for passenger: The vehicle has arrived to the pick up site and is waiting for you.
Passenger on Board: The ride is in progress.

Rate your driver

After the ride has ended you will get a receipt and be prompted to rate your driver and leave a comment if you wish to do so.