Right now, TaxiCaller offers support for Stripe and SumUp as the main payment options. If these options are not available to you or if you already use a different system, you’re welcome to do so and use it alongside TaxiCaller.

While other payment options will not be integrated in our system per se, you would be able to use them in parallel with TaxiCaller throught he use of the Not Settled payment option in the driver app.

How to use:

  • In the admin panel, enable the option Not Settled. You can find this option in Settings > Dispatch > 1. General > Payment Options.

  • Once a ride ends, the driver can choose this payment method Not Settled int he driver app.
  • They will be prompted to enter the price of the ride and confirm.

By doing this, the ride and its price will automatically show up in the reports you generate in TaxiCaller without having to enter the information manually.