Add a kiosk booking channel for businesses to book rides with your company quickly and easily, with no need to call to confirm. One tap on the app and the customer receives a ticket number in receipt of their booking, and the driver receives the job immediately.

Ideal for locations that need fast multiple bookings such as hotels and restaurants.

To use TaxiCaller Express:

Create a company account for your customer.

To see how a customer account is created, please click here.

Create and link an email address from your company that will act as a “receptionist”.

To see how email addresses can be linked to customer accounts, please click here.

TaxiCaller Express

  1. Download the TaxiCaller Express app
  2. Log in to the passenger account you created in the TaxiCaller Express app
  3. Set up the location by clicking on the menu button in the top left corner and choosing Location.
  4. Success! – The app is now ready to be used, and pressing the yellow car-icon will send a reception-booking with the favorite location specified above.