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TaxiCaller – Certified by Revenu Quebec

Do you operate a taxi or limousine business in Quebec? Then you are most likely already aware of the new regulations that will require you to start using a software that has been certified by Revenu Quebec. The TaxiCaller dispatch software has already received this certification and fulfils all Revenu Quebec requirements. We help you follow the regulations so that you can focus on what you do best: serving your passengers.

The TaxiCaller software has been thoroughly tested, both by the local authorities and with actual taxi drivers on the job. Now we invite you to try it with a free 14-day trial. Become familiar with the complete system and see how easy it is to use. We are here to help every step of the way. Our team of system experts is at your service 24/7.

How Do I Make My Taxi Business Compliant with Revenu Québec?

We took all the guesswork out of the process. Join TaxiCaller and then connect your account with Revenu Québec. It truly is that easy. We'll assist you with simple step-by-step instructions that will settle everything in only a few minutes.

  • 1.Create an account with TaxiCaller
  • 2.You will be assisted by your account manager
  • 3.Enter the necessary information requested by Revenu Quebec

Comply with the new regulations and get a maximum grant amount from Revenu Québec of CAD 790 per vehicle. The clock is ticking and there's no time to waste. What are you waiting for?

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Why Choose TaxiCaller?

A good dispatch system should be so easy that anyone can use it. It should also be able to adapt to your needs and help you grow your business. And regardless of whether you have one car or 5,000 cars, it should simplify your everyday life and provide increased control. With TaxiCaller you get such a system. 

With our cloud-based solution, you have access to all the tools you need: Dispatch Console, Driver App, Passenger App, online booking, corporate tools, delivery features, and an Admin Panel for statistics and reports.

Every day, we help taxi companies to modernize and streamline their operations. And results bear out: in the middle of October 2020, we passed 100 million trips booked using our system. Now we invite you to become part of the TaxiCaller family.

Testimonials from Canadian Customers

My dispatch system by excellence for 8 year's now. Never had an issue, always have someone to respond to our request, never had a price increase. No contracts, so, they don't keep you by contract, they keep you only because they are the best in what they do. System stability at its best, and always trying to understand your needs. Thanks, TaxiCaller

Francois Brodeur

Taxi 3000 Inc, Quebec
TaxiCaller is a complete solution for your taxi business

Complete Solution for Your Taxi Business

With TaxiCaller, you save time, reduce costs, and take control of your business. Wherever you are, everything is at your fingertips. And you avoid the expense of licenses and hardware. The variety of booking channels available with our system means more jobs booked. Your customers can book from your website, the corporate Reception Tool, or the popular Passenger App that can be customized with your business colours and logo.

You can easily set up an automated dispatch operation and use the intuitive panel for your manual bookings. Our real-time vehicle tracking allows you to keep a close eye on every job. And, speaking of jobs, our system helps you ensure happy drivers with fair and flexible job distribution settings. Finally, the powerful Admin Panel provides full statistics and reports on your entire operation,
including a replay feature for all jobs.

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TaxiCaller complete solution


All the tools you need! Including apps for your drivers and passengers.

TaxiCaller - a cloud-based system


No installation is needed. Create your account online and start booking.

TaxiCaller - a reliable system


Avoid expensive disturbances. We had 99,99% uptime in 2019.

4. 24/7 SUPPORT

Get help when you need it. Our system specialists are at your service 24/7.

Simple Pricing, Powerful Results

TaxiCaller pricing is straight-forward, and flexible. We have no contracts, no hidden fees, no setup costs, and no expensive initial investment. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they must. To become compliant with Revenu Québec, you either pay $350, this includes 1 year's free usage of the TaxiCaller system. After the first year, the monthly fee follows our regular pricing, starting at CAD 29 per vehicle. Or you can choose to pay the regular monthly fee of CAD 29 per vehicle from the start.

Our price includes all the tools you need to run your taxi business, free support 24/7, and the specially developed features that ensure you remain in adherence to the new Revenu Quebec regulations. (A rebranding of the otherwise included Passenger App comes with a one-time development fee.)

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Questions and Answers about TaxiCaller

How much does it cost?

For only CAD 350 per vehicle, you'll become fully compliant. This price includes one whole year of usage of the complete TaxiCaller system. After the first year, you pay as you go. For CAD 29 per vehicle per month, you get access to our complete solution.

This includes the dispatch console, admin panel, driver app, generic passenger app (different rebranding options are available for a one-time development fee), reception tool, online booking for your website, and TaxiCaller Express. You also have full access to our experienced and friendly support team; they rest at your service 24/7.

There are no unpleasant surprises like contracts or hidden fees, you pay as you go and only for the vehicles you activate. Please contact [email protected] for a personalised quote.

How many vehicles and drivers can I add to my TaxiCaller account?

During trial you can add 25 vehicles and an unlimited number of drivers and dispatchers. As a paying customer, you can add as many vehicles, drivers, and dispatchers as you need.

But hey, if you have more than 25 vehicles in your fleet, and want to activate them all during trial, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

What do the regulations from Revenu Québec really mean?

Basically, you must report every sales transaction made directly to Revenu Québec. And you must be able to provide your passengers with a receipt; printed or digital. To make this happen, you must usea certified Sales Recording System (SRS) that supports all requirements from Revenu Québec. TaxiCaller is one of the approved suppliers.

How do I know that TaxiCaller is certified by Revenu Québec?

All approved partners are listed on Revenu Québec’s website:

What does the TaxiCaller trial include?

During the trial, you can test the complete solution in a live environment for 14 days. To activate online booking and booking through the generic passenger app, you need to e-mail documentation that your company is licensed to transport passengers to [email protected]

Does TaxiCaller provide any customer support?

Of course, we have a whole team of system experts available 24/7. You can call us on Skype or phone, use our webchat, or send us a message using our contact form or via e-mail. You also have access to our knowledge base, videos, quick guides, and FAQs. All support is included in the
TaxiCaller service.

Please use this link to check out our support pages and contact information:

Do you have other customers in Canada?

Yes, of course, we have customers from over 70 countries on all continents. Currently, we have more than 50 customers running their operations in Canada.

How does Revenu Quebec’s grant program work?

Information about the grant program is available on Revenu Quebec’s website