New Taxi Business regulations from Revenu Québec

New Regulations

There are more than 22,000 taxi drivers in Québec. To ensure healthy competition and foster tax fairness in the remunerated passenger transportation sector, Revenu Québec is making it mandatory that the passenger is given a receipt for every trip and that every transaction is reported. The receipt can be paper or electronic, but it must be generated using a sales recording system (SRS) that is authorized by Revenu Québec.

Three-part Solution for New Regulations

A certified sales recording system (SRS) that collects transaction data from your trips.

A cloud-computing environment (WEB-SRM) that stores, validates, and sends SRS data to Revenu Québec in a secure fashion.

A computer system that integrates your data with Revenu Québec’s informational environment.

Dates importantes concernant les systèmes de répartition approuvés au Québec

Important Dates Regarding Approved Dispatch Systems in Québec

The new taxi regulations will become mandatory for operators of taxi businesses in November 2021. By then, you will be required to give customers a paper or electronic receipt at the end of every trip, as well as to send the trip transaction information to Revenu Québec using an approved dispatch system.

Grant Program to Cover Your Expenses

Revenu Québec has a grant program to help cover your expenses for acquiring, updating, and installing a Sales Recording System. Comply with the new mandatory billing measures, and you can get a maximum grant amount of CAD 790 per vehicle.

So why wait?

How to Comply with the New Taxi Tax Rules

conformez-vous a la réglementation

Become compliant with regulations

As a business owner, you have full responsibility for reporting earnings and taxes. Now, you also need to ensure that your business is compliant with Québec's new taxi tax regulations using a system authorized and certified by Revenu Québec.

Utilisez la solution de répartition TaxiCaller

Use TaxiCaller Dispatch Solution

With the TaxiCaller Dispatch Solution, this complicated task becomes easy and automatic. The TaxiCaller system is cloud-based and has all the tools you need for your taxi business to thrive. You pay-as-you-go for the vehicles you activate, there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts—only dispatch made easy. And the TaxiCaller system is certified and authorized by Revenu Québec.

connectez l'application pour les chauffeurs

Connect to Driver App

You can try the TaxiCaller system free for 14 days right now. Then you connect your TaxiCaller account to Revenu Québec using the specially developed Driver App. All your previous settings will automatically transfer over to the new app, and we will provide you with a step-by-step manual.

Assistance 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7

24/7 Assistance

In case you need assistance, you have free, 24/7 access to our dedicated support team. Once you are connected with Revenu Québec via the TaxiCaller Driver App, the rest happens automatically: the system will automatically and securely send Revenu Québec transaction information for every trip. It doesn't get any easier.

Read more about the TaxiCaller system
transport rémunéré de personnes

What is Remunerated Public Transportation?

Remunerated Public Transportations refers to a service provided by a business entity, such as a taxi business, to transport passengers. If you operate a taxi business in Québec, you must be registered for the GST and QST before transporting your first passenger for remuneration.

If you are in business with a transportation system operator (such as Uber and Eva) you must be registered for GST and QST before making your first trip, regardless of your annual taxable sales. More special rules regarding GST and QST apply. Please see the Revenu Québec website for details.

What is a Sales Recording System (SRS)?

A sales recording system (SRS) is software used in the remunerated passenger transportation field of activity to manage and record sales and to generate bills.

Software authorized by Revenu Québec consists of computer programs created to help individuals and businesses complete and transmit the documents required by Revenu Québec. Software is "authorized" when it has been deemed to meet Revenu Québec's technical and systemic requirements.

Amongst others, the requirements include:
  • Batch transmissions – send transactions stored in the system
  • Closing receipt – produce a receipt after payment
  • Reproduction of bills – produce a copy of the original bill
  • Temporary bill – showing the client how much to pay
  • Training mode – to make you familiar with the system
Systeme d'enregistrement des ventes

Question and Answer

What do the new Taxi regualtions mean in Quebec?

The new taxi regulations mean that all taxi or limousine drivers must automatically report customer transactions to Revenu Québec through a certified Sales Recording System. The new regulations also make it mandatory that drivers give every passenger a receipt. These new rules are meant to ensure healthy competition and to foster tax fairness amongst businesses.

Which Sales Registration Systems are authorized by Revenu Québec?

On Revenu Québec’s website, you can find an up-to-date list of the Sales Registration Systems that are certified by Revenu Québec. Certification means that the systems are specially adapted to the new regulations and have been thoroughly tested by both Revenu Québec and actual taxi drivers in the field. Follow the to see the list of approved systems.

When do the new Remunerated Public Transportation rules become mandatory?

Beginning November 1, 2021, all taxi and limousine companies will be required to adhere to the new regulations.

Which companies are affected by the new taxi regulations in Québec?

All businesses in Remunerated Passenger Transportation--which means everyone making money through the transportation of passengers--are affected. So, if you have a taxi or limousine business, you will be required to follow these new regulations.

How do I become compliant with the new Remunerated Public Transportation regulations?

You need to use software that is certified by Revenu Québec to be in compliance with the new regulations. The available software differs depending on usage. TaxiCaller offers a cloud-based, complete taxi dispatch system that automatically sends all transaction data to Revenu Québec and helps you provide passengers with receipts. We are happy to offer you a free trial. Follow this link to get started: