What is the "Offers" tab in the Driver App and how can I activate that for my drivers to use?

The “Offers” tab has been specifically designed for the bidding system.

The bidding system is part of the broadcast feature found in the Admin Panel under “Settings - Dispatch - 2. Assignment - Auto Dispatch - Broadcast” https://admin.taxicaller.net/admin/settings/dispatch.php

This allows you to have the system broadcast all jobs instead of sending them to individual drivers. The jobs get broadcast to multiple drivers at the same time. A broadcast offer will appear only in the “Offers” tab, unless you have enabled the option *”popup.” When a broadcast jobs is offered, each person gets to bid on it if interested, or decline to remove it. If you bid on a job, you are expressing interest.

  • If you are the most suitable vehicle out of the ones bidding for a job, you will be the one receiving the job.
  • If “Fast select” is enabled, it will choose the first vehicle to respond.
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