What are tags and how can I set this up?

You can use tags and apply them to either drivers or vehicles so that it would be easy in classifying and trying to look for the best suitable vehicle for a job. An example of a tag for drivers is female driver, AM shift etc. As for vehicles, an example would be wheelchairs or pets allowed.

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to create tags and apply them on the admin panel: https://www.taxicaller.com/manuals/admin-panel/2/en/topic/create-vehicle-tags?q=tags

On the dispatch console, you can select tags to further customize the job to your passenger’s needs. This can be seen under extras when entering a new job. For example if the passenger is non-smoking, you may choose a vehicle with this tag or a vehicle that allows pets. You can just tick the box of the said tag.

By checking the tag, the job will only be assigned to the driver or vehicle that matches the tag. Additionally, the dispatcher can enter the additional information in the info box for either all or for the driver alone.

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