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Yes! The TaxiCaller driver app is free to download on both platforms. The smartphone or tablet used must have 3G/4G Internet connection and GPS support to use the driver app.

Drivers can choose whichever route they want. The system only produces estimates and suggestions, but it's completely up to the driver where they drive.

Yes! There's a dispatch function available in the Android version of the driver app. This offers the basic options of creating and assigning jobs from a mobile platform. Please note that the online dispatch console on the TaxiCaller website has not been optimized for mobile devices, so the driver must use the dispatch function inside the driver app.

The language of the app is the same language of the phone or device in which it is installed by default. If you change the language of the phone/device, the app will also change to the new language.

Yes! The system always has continuous communication with the driver's device. If the device should be unreachable for whatever reason, the system will still try to communicate with it. Once it succeeds, the location of the vehicle will be updated.