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Yes! We have a historic tracking feature called Replay so you can track your vehicles in arrears. See the exact routes they've travelled, average speed, average distance and other useful information. This complete overview will help you gain accurate insight into your company’s operations, vehicles’ fuel efficiency and your most popular booked routes.

Click on the drop down at the top right of the page when you are signed in as an owner, and click on "Profile". This will take you to your account settings so you can then change your password. You can also follow this link:

There is no limit to adding dispatchers and drivers! The system only charges your account per active vehicle per month.

Yes! TaxiCaller offers a dedicated messaging app called TaxiCaller Envelope for sending automatic SMS messages to customers from a single dedicated Android device. For more information and instructions, please contact us by clicking here so we can provide you with the complete tutorial.

Absolutely! You can download invoices to send to personal and corporate accounts, and also generate detailed reports to easily see the total amount of money to collect from each driver. Should you need a report style that isn't among our built-in options, you can also create custom reports.