We dispatch mobility worldwide.

Get to know our experienced and talented management team.

Eero Piitulainen
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Eero received his Master of Science degree in Engineering from Lund University and worked at Sony Mobile, Warthog, and Blimey games. He started his career writing award-winning vehicle simulations for racing games. Eero's areas of focus at TaxiCaller are product development, technology, and strategy.
Lauri Piitulainen
Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer
Lauri holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Lund University and worked at Ericsson, ABB, and Sony Mobile before founding his first software company in 2005. He's been a full-time entrepreneur ever since. Lauri's focus at TaxiCaller is on finance, daily operations, organization, and strategy.
Johan Wålander
Director of Sales
Johan earned a Masters of Science degree in International Marketing Strategy from Växjö University. He has worked extensively with the sale of cloud-based services at companies such as Webropol and Sweet. At TaxiCaller, he continues to do what he does best, which is to drive our global sales to new heights.
Camilla Birkehorn
Director of Marketing
Camilla holds a Master of Science degree in Economics from Linköping University and has more than ten years of experience in sales and project management at companies like Verisure and Securitas Direct. She brings serious expertise to her role as the architect of TaxiCaller’s brand and marketing strategies.
Robin Nordenson
Customer Support Manager
Robin is an alumnus of Linköping University with a Master of Science degree in Political Science. He honed his leadership skills at Skandia and the Swedish Police services before joining TaxiCaller. Under his guidance, TaxiCaller's 1st and 2nd line support teams assist clients around the world.
Andreas Jonsson
Test Manager
Andreas has a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Lund University. Before taking command of testing and quality assurance for TaxiCaller's end-to-end digital dispatch system, he worked as a Software Test Manager on the development of Saab's Gripen E fighter plane.