TaxiCaller FAQ

Find answers to your questions about the TaxiCaller solution


TaxiCaller is scalable! Our most basic functionality is very easy to set up and use, but you can of course take advantage of our advanced features to experience the best of professional dispatch software. We have friendly support available 24/7 to help train your staff and get you set up with ease!

Yes! TaxiCaller is cloud-based so it's scalable to meet the needs of any size fleet, from 1 car to 10,000.

TaxiCaller focuses on the tech so you don't have to! We have friendly support available 24/7 to help you set up in minutes so you can experience dispatch made easy today.

TaxiCaller helps you stay competitive with tools your customers demand. Take back your business with your own passengers apps and online booking maps to promote your brand, your way.

Whether you have a limo, van, courier, private hire or car service, TaxiCaller puts you in the driver seat of your company. With custom vehicle types, you can set up your account to suite your needs.

Free trial and Set up

Most of our customers have saved up to 75% off monthly costs by switching to TaxiCaller. With less than one hour of downtime per year on average, free 24/7 support and no lengthy contracts, TaxiCaller gives you the flexibility and reliability you need.

No! Once you've signed up for your free trial, simply click on “Wait to be verified” for a TaxiCaller representative to approve your account. Entering a credit card will simply get you approved immediately since it verifies who you are for us.

Since TaxiCaller is a cloud-based solution, you can access it from anywhere on standard devices. You'll need a PC (for Dispatch) with a minimum of 2 GB RAM and at least a 2 GHz dual core CPU (available in most standard computers) and a smartphone/tablet for Driver App (any Android/iOS device with GPS activated and 3G/4G Internet connection).

With your free trial, you can explore the whole TaxiCaller system at no charge for 14 days (no credit card required). After your trial is finished, you can continue using the service by simply adding funds to your account. If you need more time to decide, all of your settings and data will be saved from the free trial so you can start up when ready.

Absolutely! Please contact us by clicking here for discounted pricing if you plan to add more than 20 vehicles to your account.

Passenger app

Yes! TaxiCaller can rebrand the passenger apps so they will show your name, logo and corporate colors. Only your vehicles will be displayed and bookable in your app. Please contact us by clicking here for more information or to place your order.

Absolutely! In the map of the app, you will be able to see the real-time position of the vehicle that has been assigned to you, as well as an estimate of the time it will take him or her to pick you up.

The language of the app is the same language of the phone or device in which it is installed by default. If you change the language of the phone/device, the app will also change to the new language.

Yes! Once the job is done, the app will give you the possibility of rating your driver and his/her service with 1 to 5 stars. You can also leave a comment to describe your experience. This information is saved and available to the transport company to see in the admin panel. You can read your past reviews in your trip history as well.

Our Promotions feature allows you to create special offers for your customers, or promo codes, to use on your Rebranded passenger apps. You'll be able to set up campaigns, specify what the offers entail, how many you're allowed to use and much more. You can set up your own promo codes under Admin Panel > Promotions > Campaigns. Please contact us by clicking here for more information and the complete tutorial.

Driver app

Yes! The TaxiCaller driver app is free to download on both platforms. The smartphone or tablet used must have 3G/4G Internet connection and GPS support to use the driver app.

Drivers can choose whichever route they want. The system only produces estimates and suggestions, but it's completely up to the driver where they drive.

Yes! There's a dispatch function available in the Android version of the driver app. This offers the basic options of creating and assigning jobs from a mobile platform. Please note that the online dispatch console on the TaxiCaller website has not been optimized for mobile devices, so the driver must use the dispatch function inside the driver app.

The language of the app is the same language of the phone or device in which it is installed by default. If you change the language of the phone/device, the app will also change to the new language.

Yes! The system always has continuous communication with the driver's device. If the device should be unreachable for whatever reason, the system will still try to communicate with it. Once it succeeds, the location of the vehicle will be updated.

Online booking

Yes, it's very simple! You just need to add a code snippet on your website. It can look like this (only currently available cars from your company will be displayed): Please go to your Admin Panel > Settings > Embed and simply follow steps 1-4.

An online booking is a normal booking and it will appear in the dispatch console. If you have enabled the option ”Verify direct bookings”, the booking will also need verification from a dispatcher in the form of assignment. If you do not have the ”Verify direct bookings” option enabled, the job will simply be assigned using the predefined assignment method and go straight to the drivers.

There is no additional cost for using our Reception booking feature. This can be very useful for companies who have one person who books all the rides for the company's employees or for hotels and restaurants to easily place bookings for their guests. Please contact us by clicking here if you need help setting up this feature.

Make sure that you have online bookings enabled by going to Admin Panel > Settings > Dispatch > General > under Online Booking. Check the box that says “Bookable Online”. You also need to make sure we have have verified your company to take direct bookings by sending your license to us. Please, contact our customer support team by clicking here and we will help you with the steps needed to take direct bookings..

Unfortunately, it's not possible to book a taxi in the app or online without first creating an account. We require this form of verification to make sure that the passenger is an actual person making a genuine booking.

Dispatch system

Yes! You need to make sure that the VoIP service you sign up with has support for the SIP standard, as this is the standard our system is using. Once you connect your VoIP service or PBX, you'll be able to have the booking forms autopopulate with the caller's details.

Definitely! You can do that by entering the approved Ips into their profiles in the Admin Panel. This will prevent them from logging in from other devices that have different Ips.

Yes! The system always has continuous communication with the driver's device. If the device should be unreachable, the system will still try to communicate with it. Once it succeeds, the location of the vehicle will be updated.

The system can automatically choose the most suitable vehicle for the job based on your settings. The system can use a "closest car" scheme, or you can utilize a zone and queue system where there's a FIFO scheme (First In - First Out), or you can have the jobs broadcasted to all or certain vehicles for drivers to bid on them.

Absolutely! You can have as many dispatchers online at the same time as you like. We only charge per vehicle per month, so there's no extra charge for adding several dispatchers. Although, it's important to note that a user can only be logged in to one place at a time.

Online office

Yes! We have a historic tracking feature called Replay so you can track your vehicles in arrears. See the exact routes they've travelled, average speed, average distance and other useful information. This complete overview will help you gain accurate insight into your company’s operations, vehicles’ fuel efficiency and your most popular booked routes.

Click on the drop down at the top right of the page when you are signed in as an owner, and click on "Profile". This will take you to your account settings so you can then change your password. You can also follow this link:

There is no limit to adding dispatchers and drivers! The system only charges your account per active vehicle per month.

Yes! TaxiCaller offers a dedicated messaging app called TaxiCaller Envelope for sending automatic SMS messages to customers from a single dedicated Android device. For more information and instructions, please contact us by clicking here so we can provide you with the complete tutorial.

Absolutely! You can download invoices to send to personal and corporate accounts, and also generate detailed reports to easily see the total amount of money to collect from each driver. Should you need a report style that isn't among our built-in options, you can also create custom reports.

Payment solutions

Yes! The passenger can choose to pay by card and pre-register that card on their account (or select an already registered one) at the point of booking. You will need to sign up for an account with our payment provider, Stripe (, or one of our other integrated solutions listed on our Partners page to enable in-app payments for your company.

The system offers different ways of specifying what payment was charged, both in terms of amount and payment method. You can configure which payment methods should be available to the driver to choose from in the admin panel. The driver then specifies the price charged and payment method used when closing the job.

Yes! TaxiCaller is integrated with the provider SumUp ( for card present payments (card swiping). If you are interested in this payment option, please contact us by clicking here for more information on how to set this up. If you are using another credit card terminal, please contact us to see if we are already integrated with them or to see if that is possible.

This allows you to both add extra charges at the end of a trip (tolls, parking, soiling fee, etc.) and to split up the payment into multiple methods and amounts. You can specify, for example, that part of the cost of the trip was paid with a promotion (promo code) or e-ticket, and the rest was paid in cash or card. Please note that this is an optional feature. To disable the extra payment options, go to Admin Panel > Dispatch > General > Payment Options, and uncheck the "Detailed Payments" box.

Yes! It's possible to configure tariffs based on vehicle types and/or passenger count. This is done by setting up vehicle types, creating multiple tariff categories. and then using the tariff rules to specify which tariff category should be used for what vehicle and/or passenger count.