Dispatch system

Track drivers in real time, fairly distribute jobs and use your own VoIP service for Caller ID recognition.

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Web based dispatching

Web-based dispatching


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Vehicle tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking

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Multi-monitor support


Job alerts & alarm

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Yes! You need to make sure that the VoIP service you sign up with has support for the SIP standard, as this is the standard our system is using. Once you connect your VoIP service or PBX, you'll be able to have the booking forms autopopulate with the caller's details.

Definitely! You can do that by entering the approved Ips into their profiles in the Admin Panel. This will prevent them from logging in from other devices that have different Ips.

Yes! The system always has continuous communication with the driver's device. If the device should be unreachable, the system will still try to communicate with it. Once it succeeds, the location of the vehicle will be updated.

The system can automatically choose the most suitable vehicle for the job based on your settings. The system can use a "closest car" scheme, or you can utilize a zone and queue system where there's a FIFO scheme (First In - First Out), or you can have the jobs broadcasted to all or certain vehicles for drivers to bid on them.

Absolutely! You can have as many dispatchers online at the same time as you like. We only charge per vehicle per month, so there's no extra charge for adding several dispatchers. Although, it's important to note that a user can only be logged in to one place at a time.