You can customize some aspects of the dispatch by going to the Preferences tab.

View Settings

  • From the Preferences tab you can open the Jobs Overview and the Map in separate windows instead of the embedded form that is the default.

Job Editor and Search

  • If Move to location is active, the map is going to automatically center the location entered in the pick-up location when you create a job.
  • If Filter vehicles on job options is active, the map will only display the vehicles that have the tags you have selected in the job options. Otherwise you can control these filters from the map itself.
  • Some of the search options include to switch your default search provider between Google Places and Google Geocode. The former is best for landmarks like monuments, restaurants or museums. The latter is best for address searching.


Select how you would like your notifications delivered, a dialog can open (pop-up) and a sound can play. You can preview the sounds by clicking on the speaker icon.