To use this feature, you will need the following:

  1. A VoIP service that is available in your area.
  2. A dispatcher user enabled for the use of the SIP phone.
  3. The Softphone software installed in your computer.

1. A VoIP service that is available in your area.

To see a list of our recommended options, please check the next page Supported providers, or click here.

2. Enable a dispatcher to use the SIP phone.

This needs to be done from the Admin Panel – Users. Select your dispatch user and make sure “Enable phone” is checked. At this point you might also want to add other information provided by your VoIP such as User, Domain, Port and others. This information will be automatically transferred to the Softphone settings in the Dispatch.

3. Download and install the Softphone

Log in into Dispatch. If Softphone is enabled for your user, you will now see a new section at the top right of the screen.

Click on Download TaxiCaller – softphone. A new page will open which has the program that you need to install. Select the Windows version and wait until it’s downloaded. The file will be compressed in .zip format, so you must extract it to an accessible location. To do this, you can simply right-click on it and choose “Extract”, then select an easy to access location such as Documents or Downloads.

Double click on the file that you have just extracted (tcphone.exe) to run the Softphone. You might be prompted with a popup asking you to allow access for the Java application to run it. Click on “Allow Access” if this happens. If the Softphone starts running sucessfully, it will reflect this in the Dispatch console as well.

Set up the Softphone

Press Settings. If you configured the user/domain/port/proxy fields in the Admin panel, the information should be already here. If you need an auth-id and password, this is where you are able to enter them. Once you have added the right settings, click on Connect.

If the softphone is successfully running and connected, you will see something like this. This means you are ready to receive and make calls.

Using TCPhone on Linux

Download the file for linux, which can be located here:

After downloading you need to open the folder in the terminal and run it with java by typing “java -jar”