If you want your Dispatchers to be able to receive calls from passengers to make bookings, you can enable the SIP Phone.

Enable Phone

Select the dispatcher user in the Admin Panel > Users and scroll down until you find Phone.
Check Enable phone. This will expand the settings to allow you to enter details about your specific service.

Configure Phone

Enter the User, Domain and Port as given by your VoIP provider.
Proxy, Expires and Keep-alive interval can be optionally filled out if your provider requires it. They can be left blank otherwise.

Populate on Answer call or Incoming call

Choose whether the booking field in the Dispatch console should populate with the passenger details associated with the number when the call comes in or only after it’s answered.

Clean jobs

This option controls how much information from the previous job should populate the “New job” tab upon the caller ID appearing. If you enable this option, only the pick up, drop off, passenger and phone number will populate. If you do not have this option enabled, all information such as number of passengers, number of bags, vehicle type, info written in the information box, as well as any potential tags will all be populating the booking form.

Reset job counts

This option is similar to “Clean jobs”, but it only controls the number of passengers, bags wheelchairs and cars set to any previous jobs. So if you enable only this option but not the “Clean jobs”, only the counts (passenger, bags, wheelchair and cars) will be reset on the job details, whereas the information in the info box, potential tags and vehicles type selection will still be included.

Caller-ID replace [ ] with [ ]

This option allows you to handle different formats of telephone numbers in a standardized way. For example, some PBXs add an extra 0 as a prefix to a phone number. If this is the case with your phone system, you may set it to “Replace 0 with [blank]”, which will then remove the 0 and simply use only the telephone number.

Or for example, if you want to remove potential country codes from phone numbers, you may do “Replace +1 with [blank]”, which will remove the +1 from being added to the booking form.


Please choose “External” unless specifically indicated. The SIP Phone might not work as intended if another option is chosen.

Force transfer

This will present a button in the Dispatch console that allows for transferring a call. The function for call transfer will heavily depend on your VoIP provider.

  • When you enable this option, the button will appear but if it’s not covered by the VoIP provider, it will not function.
  • Sometimes when a VoIP provider has support for transferring calls this option should show up automatically without having to check the option “Force transfer”
  • If you aren’t sure, you can test enabling it and see what happens, as some VoIP providers simply don’t state explicitly whether transfers are possible or not.
  • If you need to know more, please contact your VoIP provider.