Please set your Tariffs before configuring these payment options.

Basic settings

  • Tariff: Once you have configured your tariffs, choose them from this list (usually named Standard Tariff), so they apply to your price estimates.
  • Require price: If this is selected, the driver will need to enter a price at the end of a ride. Otherwise, they can finish a ride without doing so. For accounting purposes it’s recommended that this is enabled.
  • Prefill estimates: If this is enabled, the price estimate will be prefilled in the driver app when a job ends. The driver can then change this value if needed.
  • Detailed payments: Enables the advanced payment flow in the driver app. This would include the use of Extras like toll feels, waiting rates which can be configured in the Tariffs Section.
  • Force tariff: When this is disabled, the driver will get to freely choose tariffs from a list if a booking is made with Automatic tariff or if they start a street job (by pressing the Busy button in the app). If it’s enabled, the default tariff will be applied and the driver won’t be able to change it.

Taximeter Options

  • In-app taximeter: Enables the use of the in-app taximeter in the driver app. If you have a physical taximeter device, it’s recommended that you continue to use it, as any in-app taximeter is going to depend on external factors like the GPS settings and coverage of the device you’re using.
  • Legacy taximeter: Some customers will use the old version of the in-app taximeter. Deselect to use the new one instead.
  • New taximeter UI: Uses the newest in-app Taximeter User Interface.

Payment Methods

These will determine what payment methods you will allow to appear as options in the driver and passenger apps.


If this is selected, the option will show in the driver and passenger apps, indicating that the rides offered by your company can be paid in cash.


Billed payment refers to passengers that you have already specified in the Customers section. The fare will then be associated to their profile and you will be able to generate invoices for them.


E-tickets can also be configured from the Customers section. With these you can offer your customers e-tickets for a certain value of the ride (or all of it).
To learn more about this, please check the following section: “E-tickets


If you have a Rebranded Passenger App, you can enable payment through Promotions. To learn more about this, please check the following section:
Using Promo Codes

Card present (Card reader)

You can activate this option if you have set up a payment by card present such as SumUp. For more information about this please click here

In-app payment

You can activate this option if you have set up in-app payments through Stripe. For more information about this please click here

Not Settled

You might have a different card payment option that is not Stripe or SumUp. While these payment options won’t be able to integrate into the apps, you can use them in parallel with TaxiCaller and choose the Not Settled option, where you would be prompted to enter the value of the ride so that the information can be saved in the system and appears in the generated Reports.

Please view the following article for additional information: Other card payment solutions

Not Specified (Skip)

If you enable this option, the driver will be prompted to enter a price at the end of the ride, but will be able to Skip doing so.