You can add a waiting rate to the final price if the passenger should pay an extra fee for every minute the taxi has to wait at the pick up address before the passenger shows up.

  1. Start by pressing one of the “create” buttons below “Waiting rate”. Also here we specify one set of parameters for each one of our three schedules.

Waiting Rate Step 1 Image
  1. In the popup window that appears we start with specifying that the passenger doesn’t have to pay anything if he or she is less than two minutes late (120 seconds).
  2. If the passenger is more than two minutes late we add an extra fee of USD 1 per additional minute the taxi driver has to wait on the passenger.
  3. Finally, press the “OK” button and then enter the parameters for the other schedules you might have and remember to press the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

Waiting Rate Step 2 3 4 Image

The waiting rate applies only to the initial time a vehicle must wait for the passenger to board, after the status is set to wait in the driver app, either by pressing the button or by having it set automatically after a certain amount of time. Once the passenger has boarded, the traffic rate (if set) would apply whenever the vehicle stops (for example at a traffic light or a coffee shop). The wait rate is based on GPS information and no button needs to be pressed for it to start applying.