The section Zone queues will control the assignment behavior of the zones that you can configure in the Zones section of the Admin Panel here.

The system will use several variables to determine which vehicle to assign a job to. As default, this will be by offering it to the vehicle that is closest to the pick-up site. However, if you enable the use of zone queues, it will also take into account which vehicles have entered a specific zone in the map, and will prioritize those.

Zone queues
  • Use zone queues: This will enable the use of zone queues. With no other modifications, it means that the vehicles that have been available the longest in a zone will be prioritized when it comes to job assignment. This way the jobs should be more fairly and evenly distributed, going to the vehicles in the zone they originated from.
  • Zone queue tries: In here you can select either Unlimited, or a number of tries from 1-10 . After these tries, the system will then assign the job to the closest vehicle instead.
  • Always respect zone queue: When this is active, if two vehicles are closer than 2 km from each other, the system will prioritize the zone queue selection when a job has been assigned to the closest vehicle.
  • Hold queue position: If this is active, a driver will be able to hold their queue position even when taking street jobs (hailed off the street) or sets their driver app to “away”.

Zone check in

  • Zone check in: If this is active, drivers can check in to zones they are not currently in. The options below, Distance limit and Time to enter, can then be used to determine how far (in time or distance units) a driver can be before they can check in into a zone.
  • Report drop off zone on: This option decides at which point a driver is considered to be queuing for a zone in which they are about to be available (by dropping off a passenger). The default option is “Drop off” which means that the vehicle won’t officially enter the queue for the new zone until they drop off the passenger. If you choose “Start”, the vehicle will enter the queue for the new zone from the start of the job. Other options are “waiting” and “pick up” which function similarly.
  • Sticky zones: This option determines how long a vehicle will keep their place in a zone queue after such vehicle has already left the zone. The time their position will “stick” is relative to the time they have spent queuing in the zone. The higher the percentage you choose here, the longest this time will be.

Short trip criteria

This option determines how short a job must be for a driver not to lose their place in the queue. The sliders “Max distance” and “Max duration” can be used to configure the distance and duration of what constitutes a “short job”. The modifier “Require same zone” means that a driver can only have a short job in the same zone for it not to lose their place in the queue.

Short trip criteria options

Out of zone jobs

In this section you can control whether a driver can keep their queue position even when taking out of zone jobs.

Out of Zone Options