In this section of the admin panel, History > Reports, you can generate various types of reports on the usage of the system.

These reports generate information from previous jobs.

Here’s how to check on jobs for a Customer account.

1. Press the drop down menu and select Account job.
2. Select the period.
3. Select the filter, which in this case is the Customer Account.

1. In the report field you’ll see all the information about that job.
2. Press to download the report, you can choose from different file formats.

Custom reports

If you want to create your own custom reports you can press “Or create a completely new” which will give you the option to create a report with data from Job, Vehicle or User.

In the custom report section there’s a lot of features to generate a report from, all depending on what you want your custom report to achieve.

Column tab
This tab is for all the data that’s available for the report.

If you want information about a Passenger, choose passenger and the data you want the report to show.

Filters tab
This tab is for filtering the data you have in the report.

If you want to filter passenger data depending on what car was used, you choose Filters > Vehicle.

Sorting tab
This tab is to filter how the different columns will show the information, from ascending to descending.

Report settings
This tab is to edit the report general info.

Standard Reports
Custom Reports and Editor