The map showing the position of the active vehicles and the job markers and estimated route (red line) for a new job.

In the center of the window you will see a map showing all the vehicles in their real-time positions. At the top left you can also see how many vehicles are currently active, and which are free, busy or away.

You can zoom in and out of the map by using the mouse scroll wheel or by clicking on the + and – signs at the top left of the map.

If you click on the hamburger button at the top right, you will be able to select from three different map views. If your company has zones already set up, you will also be able to show them or hide them from this menu.

Filtering vehicles

If you have many vehicles it can be difficult to find a specific type. For this you can use filters, which you will be able to see if you press on the Filter button. For example, the image below shows a large number of vehicles, unfiltered.

You can then select to show only Minibus as in the image below.