IVR (Interactive voice response) can help your customers who has a customer account to make a booking from designated spots, e.g their customer adress or a designated spot such as a Airport Terminal or a Train station.

When a customer calls your IVR, depending on your Actions & Menus will be met with a greetings phrase and depending on your Menus will be presented with different options for their booking.

There’s 5 different options for the IVR menus:

  • Book a custom location – The system makes a booking for a custom location you’ve specified
  • Book stored location – The system makes a booking from the store locations for that customer account (if applicable)
  • Forward call – The IVR forwards the call to a phone number.
  • Hang up – The IVR ends the call.
  • Redirect to menu – The caller gets redirected to the menus.

Our IVR system works with Twilio, to learn how to setup Twilio with TaxiCaller IVR: Twilio set up

IVR Actions
IVR Menus