The TaxiCaller Driver App supports in-car receipt printing.
Keep in mind that in order to use this setting you need to have a physical printer paired with the TaxiCaller driver app. We currently support the Star LM-200 printer, as well as any generic (non-branded) ESC Bluetooth printer that uses 58mm paper. For example, the OCPP-M06 or POS-5809DD.

Setting Up The Driver App For Receipt Printing

Once you have paired the printer to your device via Bluetooth (see manufacturers’ instructions), navigate from the Driver App’s home screen to Settings > Printer type and
select the relevant printer option – now you’re all set!

How to Use the Receipt Creator Tool

Start by navigating to the Receipt Creator Tool in Admin > Driver App > Receipts (
Simply follow the on-screen instructions on how to create your receipts and how to use the available data tags to add job-specific information.

Now you’re all set up!