At the bottom of the page you will see all active vehicles along with its status, driver and current job.

At the bottom right you will see three tabs, namely Vehicle List, Future Jobs and Late job List each with a different view and additional information.

If there’s a purple background for a vehicle in the vehicle list, it means they don’t have enough driver balance. Please check the section Automatic accounting and driver balance for more information about this.

The vehicle information panel

You can get additional information about each vehicle on the list by clicking on the respective line. The information will appear in a pop up window at the center of the screen.

This panel will contain all he current information about a vehicle. What you can do from this panel:

  • See who is driving the vehicle, their name and phone number if they have been added.
  • See all the details about a vehicle, such as how many passengers they can carry and the type of vehicle.
  • Suspend a driver or a vehicle (If you have the right permissions).
  • See their current job and their coming jobs.
  • Send a message to the driver.