In the online bookings section you can configure everything you need to make sure your passengers can book rides from different sources, like the passenger app or the web form that you can add to your own website.

Once we have approved your account for online bookings, you will see the status as Approved. Then you can proceed with the rest of the configuration.

Verify direct bookings from passengers before assignment

If this is enabled, the passengers will be able to book online but a dispatcher will need to manually assign the bookings to the vehicles. Otherwise, the vehicles will be assigned automatically depending on the Assignment settings. If you don’t have dispatch operators or want to allow a more direct booking system between passengers and drivers, you can leave this unchecked.

Display Name

Show which company name will appear in your online bookings. This name will be chosen from your current company profiles. If you only have one company profile, you don’t need to change this option.

Phone verification.

A passenger needs to verify that their phone number is authentic before they are able to make any bookings. A four digit code will be sent as a text message to the number they enter. You can choose this if you have experienced any problems with fake bookings, for example.

Limit online bookings and app bookings when to many vehicles are booked

Your passengers can book your company in advance if you configure your settings for it. If Limit online bookings is disabled, a passenger will be able to book a vehicle from your company even though all the vehicles might be busy at the time.

If you do enable limit online bookings, you can then configure which portion of the fleet needs to be busy before a passenger can no longer book online. For example, if you select 80%, the system will disable online bookings once 80% of your vehicles are occupied. This is designed to prevent overbooking.

Limit API Bookings

If you have an active API integration for receiving bookings from 3rd party booking sources, you can decide whether you want to limit the online bookings in line with the passenger apps. Leave this option unchecked if you do not want to restrict API bookings.

Requirements for online bookings

Here you can determine which minimum and maximum notice is needed to schedule a pre booked job. This can be overridden from the Dispatch console where a dispatcher can make a prebooking up to 6 months in advance.

Minimum ride length

Automatically determines the minimum distance you will allow your passengers to book. For example, this could be to ensure that the payment received from the job isn’t less than what it would cost the driver to go to the pick up location. If you don’t wish to use this feature an alternative would be to adjust the starting fee for all jobs to cover the minimum costs of taking a job.

Maximum ride length

Automatically determines the maximum distance you will allow your passengers to book. For example, this will prevent them from requesting a ride to a different city. This can always be overridden from the Dispatch console.

Information visible to passenger

Determines what information about the drivers is visible from the passenger app. You can, for example, allow the passengers to see your driver’s phone number so that they can call them directly if they need to.